Get Mastery in the Subject of Mass and Heat Balance of Pyro Section

This training course #Well Learned and Practiced# will position you as process expert of your industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should take this training to Conduct Mass and Heat Balance of Pyro Section.
The qualification for taking this training course is that you have a basic knowledge of pyro processing. You may be a CCR operator preparing in advance for future challenges. You may be a Process engineer, with a core responsibility of process analysis and optimization. You may be a production supervisor, production manager, responsible for having a 360 degree awareness, and visualization of actual process. You may be an organization intending to develop your own team capable of doing process and energy audit of your industry. Or, you may be someone working as cement plant operation and optimization consultant. This training course is for you. In this training program you will get everything you need to conduct Mass and Heat Balance of your pyro section in the form of condensed knowledge of 2-decades of my readings and practical experience in plant audit and analysis.

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