Raw Mix Design and Quality Calculation Training


Raw Mix Design and Quality Calculation Training

A unique training program on Raw Mix Design and Quality Calculations for cement plant has been designed with the objectives to do all Quality calculations important to cement manufacturing process to ensure excellent quality cement at minimum production cost Details are in course structure.

⇒Course Duration: 4-6 weeks.

Course Structure.

SECTION I: Cement Manufacturing Process.

  • Raw Materials For Cement Manufacturing.
  • Raw Material Preparation.
  • Pyro-Processing.
  • Cement Grinding

SECTION II: Quality Calculations.

  • List of quality Calculations.
  • Quantitative Calculations · Loss on Ignition LOI · Conversion of Raw Analysis to Loss Free basis. · Conversion of Kiln Dust Weight to Kiln Feed Weight. · Ash Absorption · Raw Mix to Clinker ratio · Kiln Feed to Clinker Ratio (Dust back to kiln). · Kiln Feed to Clinker Ratio (Dust to Silo). · Clinker to Cement Factor. Composition Monitoring Calculations · Total Carbonates from CaO and MgO · Total Carbonates TC from Acid-Alkali Titration · Lime saturation Factor LSF. · Silica Modulus SM. · Alumina Modulus AM. Bogue Formula Calculation · Clinker Phase Calculations C3S, C2S, C3A, C4AF Burnability Calculations · Liquid Phase Calculations. · Burnability Index. · Burnability Factor · Minimum Burning Zone Temperature. · Free Lime Calculation as burnability Alkali and Sulphur Calculations · Total Alkali as Na2O equivalent · Total Alkali as K2O equivalent. · Alkali to sulphur Ratio. · Excess Sulphur Calculation · Sulphate Modulus · Soluble Alkali Miscellaneous Calculation · Degree of Calcination.

SECTION III: Raw Mix Design.

  • Two component Mixing Model for Quarry.
  • Two Material Raw Mix Designs.
  • Three Material Raw Mix Design.
  • Four Component Raw Mix Design.

Examination Course Evaluation

Your Instructor

Engineer Bilal.
Engineer Bilal.

More than 16-Years of experience in cement manufacturing sector in the area of Process, Quality and Energy management, Training and Operation, Audit and Optimization. Strong Back-up work experience with FLSmidth, Thyssenkrupp, Promac and many more.

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